Sur un chat, ce message incorporé dans un profil : "Hello, my name is Rose. What’s yours ?".
Les messages reçus :

  • "Hello, my name is Laurent. I’d like to speak with you because I like to meet guys and I’d like to improve my english. Maybe we can meet some times" (sic)
  • "My name is Jean-Louis and I leave in Norh of France, Lille, but for professional reasons I’m in Paris 2 or 3 times a week.
    What can I tell you?
    That I’m a guy who loves to meet other guys.

    No pic on Cleargay because I work in a big company and I very well
    known and I don’t want to hear of me at the head office as a guy who is
    on the internet.
    But everyone in my family and among friends is aware!
    Pleased to hear from you soon.
    If you want a picture let me know your e mail address. I’ll send you a pic."
  • "Moi ? comment je m’appelle ? je m’appelle Alain"

Bon, passe encore qu’ils ne connaissent pas Gypsy. Mais qu’ils semblent croire que je m’appelle vraiment Rose ???