New York has neon, Berlin has bars,
          But ah! Paree!
          Shanghai has silk and Madrid guitars.
          But ah! Paree! In Cairo you find bizarre bazaars.
          In London "pip! pip!" you sip tea.
          But when it comes to love.
          None of the above
          Compares, compris?
So if it’s making love
          That you’re thinking of,

          Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! Paree!
          I have seen the ruins of Rome,
          I’ve been in the igloos of Nome.
          I have gone to Moscow. it’s very gay–
          Well, anyway.
          On the first of May.
          I have seen Rangoon and Soho,
          And I like them more than so-so.
          But when there’s a moon.
          Goodbye, Rangoon–
          Hello. Montmartre, hello!
          Peking has rickshaws, New Orleans jazz.
          But ah! Paree!
          Beirut has sunshine — that’s all it has,
          But ah! Paree!
          Constantinople has Turkish baths
          And Athens that lovely debris.
          Carlsbad may have a spa.
But for ooh-la-la,
          You come with me!

          Carlsbad is where you’re cured
          After you have toured
          Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! Ah ! Paree !

Ah, Paree !, de Stephen Sondheim, tiré de "Follies". Version de la toujours démente Liliane Montevecchi dans "Follies in Concert" (1985).

C’est bon d’être de retour.