Ce titre formidable a été chanté par Bernadette Peters dans son premier concert à Carnegie Hall en 1997, celui qui est devenu un double cd, Sondheim, etc. et Sondheim, etc., etc., the rest of it. Making love alone a figuré sur les premiers exemplaires imprimés et et elle a ensuite été retirée, visiblement à cause d’une histoire de droits. La voici donc en exclusivité (partagée avec e-mule…) sur Broadway, baby. Avec les paroles en prime. Le long blabla du début vous renseignera sur l’histoire de la chanson.

A log thrown on the fire, two profiles met as one, the igniting of
desire in the air, but when there’s just one profile, and yet desire
grows, despite the fact there’s no one else to care.

Must romance be abandoned, as it’s fanning it’s own flame, waiting to burst full-blown ?

There’s a special kind of bliss, not engendered with a kiss. Syruptitiously indulged in less well known. For when one cannot make
love with another, one can still make love alone.

There’s a certain special magic to the touch of your own hand. And a special thrill knowing that you will for sure soon be feeling grand. And the tender smell of rapture, you don’t have to try to postpone, that’s what it’s like when your Making Love Alone ;…

Oh the sweet sound of your own breathing, as the sky turn pale pink to
hot, and the special thrill knowing that you will not catch god only knows what. It’s the kind of glove that fits hand in glove, and burst like a bud full blown. that’s what it’s like when you’re Making Love Alone.

Who can describe the special sweetness of knowing the speed that your
going is right, and is there anything as thrilling as trying to keep
the book open to page 24 all night.

How reassuring to know when it’s finally time to go that you’ll still
be there when you leave, and is dawn is forbreaking you hear yourself
making a date for New Years Eve.

It’s the kind of love that fits hand in glove, especially when the
glove is your own ! For the date when you can see their faces, the one
who knows all the best places, who’ll never ask your sign on the phone,
no no no signs, due the simple magic of making love, not taking,
faking, mistaking love, the simple magic of Making Love Alone. Save on cologne !  That’s what its like when you’re Making Love Alone, oh, alone…

  • Making love alone, Bernadette Peters, dans ma Radio Broadway